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  • Carefully selected Japanese brand meat
  • Our special overseas brand meat

Carefully selected Japanese brand meat

Branded Beef


Akune Gold has roots in Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture beginning over 60 years ago. Since then, we have worked to refine our Wagyu beef processing technology, quality control and production hygiene levels to high global standards. Our production and manufacturing aren’t only about creating the best Wagyu possible—we’re also focused on global communication and our core mission: to let the world know about Akune Gold Wagyu’s incredible flavor that comes from cattle raised ethically and with care. Our meat processing industry at AKUNE is supported by rich natural resources including fresh water, alongside the ideal climate for raising Wagyu cattle. We are proud to share these natural blessings with our global customers through top-quality Akune Gold brand Wagyu products.

We deliver Japanese meat to various parts of the world from the Starzen Meat Processor Akune Plant, which has SQF certification, along with other Group plants.


Akune plant is the flagship plant and is the largest scale of processing plant in Starzen Meat Processor Co., Ltd. Akune plant has been certified as SQF System (Certification No. 10037) since March 2005. We are proud of our state of the art Akune plant. Since the export market to the globe opened, Akune plant has been a top runner for export.

SATSUMA BEEF raised in Kagoshima prefecture

Satsuma Beef is noted for its succulent texture and slightly sweet fattiness.
While they are on feeding period, the cattle are fed generously with valuable, high quality roasted soybeans as a key source of protein to produce fine, lean meat. Use of this high quality feed achieves delicious cuts of refreshing lean meat with a soft texture.
The motto of producer Mizusako Farm is "Cattle raised in good health produce the most delicious beef." Care is taken during time spent with the cattle, and stress is minimized. Satsuma Beef is raised with the priority placed on the animals’ health.


Hanatsuru Wagyu from Kagoshima Izumi area is characterized by delicately soft marbled meats where fats are interwoven in the muscle fiber with the ideal proportion.
With these characters, Hanatsuru Wagyu is highly ranked in Kagoshima Prefecture.


Kagoshima, which is located in the southernmost part of Kyushu area is the largest livestock farming area in Japan. Kagoshima Wagyu is raised in warm climate and wonderful natural environment.
Supply of Kagoshima Wagyu is always stable with their abundant production and high quality achieved by careful care by farmers.


Miyazaki Wagyu raised in Miyazaki Prefecture has been graded at Grade 4 and 5 in the meat quality grading standards set by the Japan Meat Grading Association (meat is ranked from Grade 1 up to Grade 5, which is the highest grade).
Miyazaki Wagyu has the mellow, sweet-tasting fragrance and juices fill up your mouth so you can fully enjoy the taste of the melted marbling.


Discloser of the production trace back information

Starzen Group established a system of production trace back information on domestic cattle, and in February 2003, we started sharing this information, as one aspect of providing safe and reliable products. This information includes personal information from producers obtained with their consent, together with information provided by the National Livestock Breeding Center.
We also implemented this for Japanese pork from June 2004. Information regarding Japanese domestic cattle was made accessible from certain cell phones from September 2003.

Branded Pork


Kagoshima Kurobuta is a black pig with white patches on the four limbs, nose and tail. They have a robust constitution well suited to animal feed, but their litter is smaller and growth is slower than white pigs. They produce meat which is fine and soft, yet resilient, with a rich luster and high water retention. Preparation seals in the flavor, while the meat tends to be light and low-stick. Its high amino acid content produces an especially delicious and refined taste with little odor.


Hokkaido's livestock industry enjoys the bounty of natural surroundings and expansive land. Making full use of the region’s characteristics, the industry has grown into one of the largest in Japan. The industry boasts approximately 600,000 head of pig, ranking the region sixth in Japan.
Hokkaido pork is characteristically raised by large-scale producers, in contrast to other areas such as Honshu. Many farmers produce their own specialty branded meat, and much of the feed is also produced by farmers within Hokkaido. For this reason, the finished product is considered safe and of high quality.
Starzen supplies delicious pork that is sourced in Hokkaido. We also handle a variety of other products. Please contact us for more information.

Our special overseas brand meat

Original brand sold overseas

Australian Wagyu


“Eight Blossom Beef” which is F1 Wagyu, fed in South East Queensland, Australia under mild climate with plenty of sun and shade. Each cattle has been fed specially formulated ration over 350 days to produce consistent high marbling with average of BMS 6.5.


“Imperial Blossom Beef” which is F4 Wagyu bred by a trusted Wagyu producer to ensure stable quality, and by feeding back information on carcasses, genetic management can be carried out to improve quality. Imperial Blossom Beef is also bred in Queensland, Australia under mild climate with plenty of sun and shade.

Original brand sold in Japan

Australian brand meat

Mugi Kuro Ushi (Long fed branded beef)

An original Starzen brand produced in collaboration with JBS Australia.
The Black Angus breeds are fed mainly with grain which brings out an ideal balance of lean and rich meat flavors.

Canadian brand meat

Quebec no Megumi (Pride of Quebec)

Brand pork created through joint development with Olymel L.P.
The pigs are reared on feed consisting mainly of corn and wheat, with peppermint added in the final two months before shipment. This unique feed enhances characteristics such as firmness and umami.

Komugi no Bran Sangenton (Wheat Bran Fed Three-breed Pork)

Exclusively special branded pork for Starzen created in collaboration with Olymel L.P.
Under the integrated production system of Olymel Red Deer plant located in Alberta, this three-breed “LWD” pork fed with plenty of wheat bran will bring you longer shelf life and premium quality.

U.S. brand meat

Mugi Shiage Sangenton (Wheat finished LWD pork)

This branded pork was created in cooperation with Smithfield Foods. It is white with a mildly sweet fattiness as a result of using higher volumes of wheat in the feed.

Iowa no Megumi ( Corn fed LWD pork produced at one of the most modern plants in the US)

This branded pork was created in cooperation with Prestage Foods of Iowa.
This automated modern plant produces high quality product which has the best yield rate compared to other brands.

French brand meat

Brittany no Kaze (Breeze from Brittany)

This meat is produced in Bretagne, France in cooperation with Socopa.
The region of Brittany is blessed with a mild climate and natural surroundings, making it perfectly suited for dairy farming. Delicious pork is raised here under ideal conditions for fattening.

La Santé Pork

"La Santé Pork" is reared on carefully selected feed, including flaxseed from around four months after birth, to produce specialty brand pork. By adding flaxseed to the feed, we succeeded in raising the content of omega-3 fatty acid (α-linolenic acid), which is an essential fatty acid.