President's Message

The Starzen Group has announced its new Management Philosophy.
We have also established the brand vision to realize this new Management Philosophy as Itadakimasu—appreciate the food that gives you strength and energy; Arigato—express appreciation to bring happiness. Through this commitment and determination, we aim to be a company that remains chosen by customers now and tomorrow.

The environment surrounding our business has changed dramatically due to soaring raw materials and energy prices, rising input costs such as logistics and labor, and the movement to achieve a sustainable society. This has forced us to respond as a company.
At the same time, while digitalization has made our lives more convenient, we are concerned about increased stress, weaker human relationships, and work-life balance.

Since its founding, Starzen has faced many difficulties, which we have overcome by embracing new challenges, using teamwork to solve them, and sincerely and earnestly responding to the voices of our customers. This process has lead to our growth as a company.

We want to inspire with the power of food. We hope to bring well-being and happiness to the world.
In this manner, we continue to pursue the possibilities of food, aspiring to be a company that inspires and fosters trust among all stakeholders around the world. Starzen will work as one team to realize sustainable growth.

I humbly ask for your continued understanding and support as we move forward.

Kazuhiko Yokota
Representative Director, President & CEO