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Export Business of Starzen International

export Origin of the export business

Our export business began with Japanese authentic wagyu from the Akune Plant.


Starzen started exporting Japanese authentic wagyu after the Akune Plant of Starzen Meat Processor Co., Ltd. was certified for meat export to Macau in September 2009. Since then, the company has been proactively actively expanding export business not only Japanese authentic wagyu beef but also in crossbred beef, pork, pig internal organs offal, processed meat and other products.

輸出地図 Current exports

We export meat from Japan to 23 countries and regions.


Currently, we export beef to 15 areas—the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, the E.U., Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines and Mexico. We are also establishing the conditions to handle exports to other countries including Indonesia, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and Argentina. We also export pork products to 4 countries—Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao and Vietnam.

輸出地図 Initiatives for export business expansion

We share preparation suggestions and processing techniques around the world.


As a part of efforts to expand our export business, we focus on sales activities to exporters whose final end users are clearly known. For example, using Starzen International Co., Ltd. as a contact point, we are establishing relationships that allow direct product proposals to customers outside of Japan, and we provide education and guidance on preparation and meat processing technology to take full advantage of the characteristics of Japanese meat.
Our years of experience in meat processing technology enable us to provide education and guidance that will lead to improvements in work efficiency and profit for overseas customers. We hope to accelerate the expansion of Japanese meat and processed meat product exports by adding such services that will benefit customers.

Future initiatives

Accelerating business collaboration worldwide and boosting the popularity of Japanese meat.

In the future, we will continue to cooperate with meat enterprises that work with us in each region to develop distribution networks. We want to change the concept of Japanese meat as a luxury item to broaden the options for its regular consumption. We will achieve this by expanding the products we offer from the sale of typical high-grade cuts such as sirloin and tenderloin, to include shoulder and round cuts, and by distributing more extensively, from high-end restaurants to mid-range establishments.

Meanwhile, the popularity of foreign WAGYU overseas ( defer from Japan Beef) is also high and demand is expanding. In the future, we are also considering the promotion of trilateral business as meat professionals to provide carefully selected foreign WAGYU and other high quality meat from leading producers to consumers worldwide.

Import Business of Starzen International

Meat imports


輸入地図 We purchase safe, quality meat from large scale meat packers and also from small ones around the world based on the characteristics of each country or region.


We are importing and selling various parts of beef from all over the world taking advantage of our extensive purchasing power, mainly sourcing raw ingredients for McDonald's Japan Co., Ltd., major processing manufacturers, retailers and restaurants. In addition, we are developing original brands together with packers, including long fed beef among other products.


We import pork from all over the world, fully leveraging our purchasing power, sourcing mainly raw materials for processing manufacturers and retailers. We also work with packers to develop original brands using carefully selected stock and feed.


We import chicken mainly from Thailand, Brazil and the U.S., fully leveraging our purchasing power, chiefly sourcing raw materials for retailers.

Import of processed meat products

We import processed primary products (sliced products, etc.) and secondary products (heat processed products, etc.) manufactured at overseas plants.

We promote product development in collaboration with partner packers, thoroughly checking the quality control systems and handling to ensure safe and trustworthy products.

Efforts towards stable supply

We are making proactive efforts and deepening cooperation with packers to ensure stable supply, for example, by our investment in the O'Connor Corporation in Australia.